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Biosecurity Zelfscan Toolkit

Version 1.5.7-RELEASE © 2012-2014 RIVM

Biosecurity Self-scan Toolkit

Welcome to the biosecurity self-scan toolkit of the Dutch Biosecurity Office. The toolkit is intended to provide an indication of the current level of biosecurity within your organisation.

Depending on your answers, you will be presented with certain starting points for setting up and/or improving biosecurity. Subsequently, you can determine which suggestions and good practices would suit your organisation.

You may start with 'Awareness' and follow the questionnaire along all subsequent themes, or you may start with any of the themes and answer the questions per theme of your choice. Only one answer can be filled in per question.

Intermediate results are available at any given moment, but bear in mind that the more questions you have answered, the more accurate the impression of the current state of affairs for your organisation will be. The results page provides specific suggestions and good practices (implementation examples), on the basis of your answers, which may help you to further develop biosecurity within your organisation. These results, suggestions and good practices may be printed out and used in meetings or discussions within your organisation.

The 'i' symbols behind the questions provide additional information that becomes visible when you hover your mouse pointer over this symbol.

For more information or questions please send an email to: biosecurity@rivm.nl